GPS Services

Add customer value while maximizing dealership profit.

There are a multitude of GPS services available to dealers today. We have performed an exhaustive due-diligence to find, license and deliver the absolute best services available. What's more, we provide an unparalleled level of dealership implementation, training and support. You might find something cheaper, but it will never be better.

If you want a turn-key solution that works, then count on Dealership Partners to deliver!


win - win

When everyone wins, results are positive. That's why our GPS services are the fastest growing solutions in the United States and Canada. Dealers gain valuable lot-management services and increase customer serviceability while customers gain safety and peace-of-mind at an affordable cost.

Dealer Benefits...



Powerful inventory management and lot control

•  Instantly locate vehicles on lot and off lot

•  Instantly view, locate and recover any lost or stolen vehicles

•  Breeze through inventory audits

•  Qualify for floor plan insurance discounts

•  Receive power alerts to avoid dead batteries on lot

•  Set virtual boundaries and notifications when a vehicle leaves or enters a specific area


Comprehensive Loaner/Demo Management

•  Monitor safe driving habits of Dealers Loaner and Staff Vehicles

•  Set alerts for speed

•  Set alerts for boundaries

•  Set alerts for mileage

•  View driving history

•  Know when to rotate loaner / demo inventory


Service Retention, CSI & Revenue Tools

•  Vehicle ongoing connection to your service department

•  Email alerts for service updates at defined mileage points

•  Email alerts for low battery warnings notifying service department

•  Check engine light notifications with error codes

•  Improve CSI, increase service retention and build revenue


New Profit Opportunities

•  High value add for customers with a low upfront investment

•  Add revenue to every department


•  Anytime Access - App Keeps You Connected to Your Car & Family

•  Teen/High Risk Driver Monitor System

•  Geo Fence Boundary

•  Real-Time Location & Location History

•  Low Battery Alerts

•  Service Notifications & Check Engine Alerts

•  24x7x365 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service

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